59th Annual Roger H. Corbetta Awards Program

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    Data Sheet and Project List (Doc) Call for Nominations (PDF)
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    Photo Gallery of the 58th Annual Roger H. Corbetta
    Award's Dinner held on November 6, 2019


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    • CIB’s most important service to its members is the opportunity which it provides to participate with others in the industry toward improving the quality of concrete. Increased visibility within the concrete industry and an enhanced market profile often follow.

    • Technical Service is provided to assist members on questions relating to concrete. This service provides a concrete reference library which is available for use of members. CIB’s reputation as a concrete center prompts many requests for concrete information from the media and general public which are serviced within staff limitations.

    • The Concrete Industry Board Bulletin, a quarterly publication, enjoys a national reputation. Its articles are frequently quoted in other local and national publications.

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    Upcoming Events

    Sep 17

    Concrete Field Technician Grade I

    Instructional classes on September 17 and 24 with exams administered on September 28

    Oct 1

    Concrete Field Technician Grade I

    ACI Field Tech I - Written and performance exams

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    Oct 5

    Concrete Field Technician Grade I

    Instructional classes will be held on October 5 and 12 with the exams administered on October 19,2020

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    Oct 20

    Strength Testing

    Strength Testing instructional class is on October 20 and exam on October 27 , Aggregate instructional class is on October 29 and exams on November 5,2020.

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    Oct 21

    Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Level 2

    Instructional classes are on October 21 and 28 with the exams administered on November 4,2020

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