The Concrete Industry Board Membership Info

    The Concrete Industry Board of NewYork is a non-profit organization founded in 1951 to bring together all sectors of the concrete industry for the purpose of improving quality from design through construction. CIB is the NYC Chapter of the American Concrete Institute. The CIB’s goals are:

    • To foster the development of quality concrete through technical education

    • To assist the transformation of good design into good concrete structures.

    • To distribute pertinent information provided by the ACI, CRSI, ASTM, and other organizations relative to design criteria, materials, testing procedures and construction practices together with regulations which will foster plain and reinforced concrete of the highest quality.

    • To correlate all segments of the industry.


    The CIB is governed by an Executive Board , composed of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and the immediate Past President, as well as a Board of Directors representing of allmajor sectors of the industry.


    The CIB is composed of professional firms, corporations, organizations and individuals concerned with the construction, design, teaching, testing, production, and materials supply of plain or reinforced concrete, precast prestressed, or cast-in-place or its component parts including aggregates, cement, admixtures, reinforcing steel, bar supports and wiremesh.

    All members of the CIB pledge that they will perform quality concrete work and comply with all the requirements of codes, plans, and specifications.


    The following programs support the CIB’s goal of quality concrete.

    • A program of regularmeetings, and educational seminars addressing topical aspects of design and construction tomembers and non-members up to date on industry activities.

    • The CIB conducts on a regular basis several ACI classes for the five boroughs and Westchester County. The CIB was instrumental inmaking ACI Certification an agency code requirement.

    • An Awards Dinner is held in November each year to honor completed structures which represent excellence in concrete in their architectural and, engineering design, general construction and workmanship.

    • The CIB’s Technical Committees include standing committees and those organized tomeet a particular need. Over the years the committees have earned a reputation for their contributions toward building code revisions, rules and regulations to supplement code requirements, and the preparation of manuals to set forth recommended practices. As an organization, CIB has been able to call on a pool of professionals to serve on its various committees.


    *This now includes an automatic membership in ACI International as a chapter member*

    1. Sustaining Member: Reserved to any person or organization having special, long term interest in CIB objectives. The annual dues are $2000. Includes recognition at all CIB functions, meetings and Luncheons. Plus up to 12 members.

    2. Corporate Member: Companies and government agencies. The annual dues are $500 ($250 for government agencies) for up to 8 members. Additional members may be added for $75 per member. All employees of corporate members receive discounts on certification classes.

    3. Individual Member: An individual may join CIB. The annual dues are $100

    4. Associate Member: This is a non-voting category of membership. It includes students attending college and members of the faculty of any educational institution. The annual dues are $75 for faculty. Student members are free.

    5. Member Emeritus: Reserved tomembers who have retired from active participation in the industry and who, upon application or nomination, have been elected by the Board of Directors.

    6. Retired: This category is for any previous member who is now retired.

    Dues are billed annually on January 1. Dues are due March 1. Members not paid by this date will lose member privileges until dues are paid. New Member dues will be prorated depending upon the start date of the membership. Contact the CIB for rates.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Concrete Industry Board, please send the Membership Application form and payment to:

    Concrete Industry Board, PO Box 638, Ringoes, NJ  08551-0638


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